A 13 Year Old Girl Committed Suicide Because Of Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez?

That picture below is currently circulating over the internet and is creating a big buzz. It is just a usual teen boy and teen girl kissing on public, but what make that extraordinary is that both of them are famous. The guy in the picture is the teen singing sensation Justin Bieber with Selena Gomez. Both of them are currently on vacation in Hawaii and it looks like they are both enjoying each others company.

This could be a very strong evidence that Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber are officially dating. Cheers to these very famous couple in the world. But aren't they too young for this?

But the story of Justin and Selena doesn't end there. There is a story circulating over Twitter and Social Media network that because of this picture, a 13 year old girl which is apparently a fan of Justin Bieber has committed suicide. According to the report, the 13 year old Belieber was feeling kind of depress after seeing that picture. That's crazy! I still need to confirm on this report, but if this is true, this is really crazy.

Should we blame Justin and Selena for this? I could say partly yes and partly no. Partly NO because they are not responsible for the girl killing herself. After all, Justin and Selena could not control everybody's decision and if that girl decided to kill herself, Justin and Selena could not do something about it anyway. I can also say partly YES because their irresponsible action triggered the girl to kill herself. It is not proper for them to kiss intimately in public for two reasons: ONE-because they are celebrities and people are looking up for them as role models, TWO-they are not yet on the right age.

I hope Justin and Selena would be responsible on their action next time to stop this kind of incident to happen again. And of course, I still wish that this is just a rumor.

Good luck!


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