Apple iPad 3 – Its Bigger Better and Faster

Putting all speculations and rumors regarding the features and performances of the new iPad finally to rest, Apple today launched the newest version of the world’s largest selling computer tablet – the iPad 3.

Before we get on to talking about the latest iPad 3 and its features in depth, we just can’t wait to outline some of the improvements right away-

  • As expected, the screen now features Retina Display
  • 5 megapixel camera
  • The first Apple device to connect to 4G with LTE capability
  • Resolution of 2048 x 1536 Screen is sharper than a 40-inch HD TV
  • iPad 3 is now powered by the high-speed A5x chip
  • A most amazing and crisp picture resolution. Apple claims that words will appear sharper than words in print
  • Apple CEO Tim Cook today revealed the latest version of the iPad in San Francisco early morning. This was his first performance at an event launch of an Apple product since taking over from Steve Jobs, the Apple founder. The iPad was introduced as “New iPad”, as opposed to speculations that the tablet might be called “iPad HD”, or even “iPad 3”.
The new iPad features a Full HD display with 3.1 million pixels and a super fast new processor, the A5x chip. This puts the Apple latest tablet ahead of its competitors, including Samsung. The New iPad also will support fast 4G LTE speeds in regions that offer 4G in the US, and will be available in the AT&T and Verizon wireless networks. With this, the tablet will be able to deliver connection speed boost of up to five times that of current networks.


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