Boost Wi-Fi signal with a can of beer?

Decades ago it was common to correct the air television signal by nailing two knitting needles in a potato. This would be something similar, but in the modern era. According to Discovery (and weirder than it sounds), an empty can upload your colon wireless Internet signal. You only need also a snip for a cutter and glue.

Notice how it step by step:
1 - Rinse the can, dry it and take the little key that can open.
2 - Remove the base surrounding it with a half-inch cutter support.
3 - Repeat the procedure above, but leaving a few inches attached to it does not break completely.
4 - Using scissors, make a vertical cut along the can.
5 - Paste the structure on a corner of the modem, from the antenna through the hole.

And ready. After that, you can start using internet at full speed. Of course, not necessary that the can is beer. The soda also will do.


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