The Conyo Problems Quotes and Meaning

So I was reading these tweets from Conyo Problems with Twitter name @Conyo_Problems and I can't help but laugh like crazy. And because I found it entertaining, I picked up some of my favorite quotes from Conyo Problems.

But, what does Conyo means ba talaga? Like, Where it came from? Believe me, I was so surprised when I found out that the meaning in Spanish is so bastos. I am like a wholesome guy, so I don't wanna post it here on my blog the Spanish meaning. But anyway, according to Urban Dictionary, the Filipino meaning of Conyo is this:

A semi-derogatory term for people who seem to be high-class and vain or conscious about their social status and speak in Taglish or broken-Tagalog mixed with English.


Wow, you're so conyo, you don't even know what dilis is! That's fried fish!So don't be surprised if this blogpost is a combination of English Tagalog words kasi nga I want to be in a charcter di ba? Like, I want to become realistic, so don't ask more question kasi ako ay irita na. Ano ba...LOL

In short, Conyo people are those rich people who speak in pasosyal way. I think perfect example of this is Kris Aquino. Para sa akin lang yon ha, I don't know about your idea.

But anyway, let's start the fun na nga. Here are some of favorite tweets from @Conyo_Problems:

*yaya! its the end of the world,can you call dad and make tell to buy me a new Planet? #conyoproblems

* Yaya, it's the end of the world, can you die for me? #conyoproblems

*Yaya!! It's so dark in my kwarto and I can't see anything.. Tell dad to buy me new eyes nga.. #conyoproblems

*Yaya, I want to make tambay outside the house right now but its night na. Scary. Tell dad to buy the sun. #conyoproblems

*Is it raining? Ohh yaya, can you get the red carpet for me, i don't want my shoes to get wet ehh. #conyoproblems

*OMG! Yaya, please don't make tapak the ipis, baka it will make wasak the insides on the GRANITE tiles! #conyoproblems

*It's so cold, yaya make sunog the other yaya pls. #conyoproblems

*OMG! Is that a pimple on my face? Mommy, buy me a new face na! #conyoproblems

*IPIS!!!!!!! Yaya, Bring me the iPad and let's slap this and make this ipis die. Oh, here's my DSLR. I'll just use this... #ConyoProblems

*Are you messing with me? I'll tell Asiong to bang bang you na! We're like, so tight kaya. #conyoproblems

*Dad, Nasira ipod ko. Pakitawagan nga si adele at pakantahin mo dito sa bahay natin. #conyoproblems

*Yaya, Can you make hiwalay 3 in 1 coffee? I don't like sugar kasi eh. #conyoproblems

*"daddy, I'm so confuse if which one to buy talaga.. can we like buy the mall na lng. please?" #conyoproblems

*Oh my! That guy snatched my iPhone! Quick! Chase him yaya!!! ......and GIVE HIM MY CHARGER! #conyoproblems

*OMG! I'm so taba na.yaya, please sip my fats. #ConyoProblems

*"sa jeep"... Conyo: Manong do you accept all major credit cards? #ConyoProblems

*Yaya, can you like make buhat buhat me? Ang dirty ng ground ehh. #ConyoProblems

*"I want your boyfriend. How much is he?" #ConyoProblems

* Yaya, can you make gamit na lang GPS to find my prince charming. You know, he might be stucked somewhere. #conyoproblems

* Yaya, I'm pagod na in pangunguya this bubble gum, Can u chew it for me? #ConyoProblems

Sooo dami talaga mga Conyo Tweets na nakaaliw and I am tired na. So yaya, can we finish this blogpost and share to madlang people?And of course, I tweeted my own original #conyoproblems quote din. Here are my original quotes:

*Ewww....yaya, please don't make dikit to my skin....because only Belo touches my skin. #ConyoProblems

*Daddy #ConyoProblems is not trending on Twitter anymore..Can you make bili the Twitter na so we can trend forever?

*I so hate my body. Yaya, can you get Jennifer's body for me? #ConyoProblems

*girl1: oi,ang ganda naman ng suot mo, saang mall mo yan binili?

girl2: ah, sa bahay ko to binili

girl1: sa bahay nyo?

girl2: oo, sa SM..bahay namin ang SM eh, bakit ba?

*yaya, makati ang likod ko..can you make kamot nga, gamitin mo yong gold scratcher ha #ConyoProblems

*One thing I hate about christmas is that, all malls are on christmas sale.Hindi tuloy ako makashop kasi the items are so cheap. So kadiri #ConyoProblems

*While on the road stuck on the traffic.

PULUBI: maam palimos po

CONYO: Yaya, please give this pulubi my iPhone4s #ConyoProblems

*like yaya's not here, so i'm gonna make init the food from the fridge to the microwave #ConyoProblems

*im really worried na talaga,I felt like we're getting poor. kasi yesterday I got 20 kidnap threat, now, I only got 10.OhmyGod #ConyoProblems

*Oh no, my new MacAir has gasgas on the side. Daddy, urgent, you need to buy new MacAir for me.Now na #ConyoProblems

*Yaya,i don't like the tissue you bought me.akin na yong crispy 1000 peso bill,yan na lang gawin kong tissue coz it's so smooth #ConyoProblems

And for all of these, I only have one conclusion: SIKAT na si YAYA...Ikaw na!!!


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