Globe G-Cash Tutorial

To all who still doesn't have yet G-Cash; you can go to any G-Cash outlet nearest to your place or visit Globe G-Cash Website here for more information.

You need to be a registered user before you can use this service. If you are not registered and wish to pay via G-Cash, here's a guide on how you can do so:


There are two ways to register:

First is to go to the GCash menu in your SIM and follow the instructions.

Second is through text. Send this to 2882:

REG4-digit PIN/mother’s maiden name/first name/last name/address

Make sure that your First Name and Last Name match the information that appears in any valid ID of yours. This is important for future GCASH transactions.


Person-to-person money transfer or P2P allows you to send GCASH to any Globe or TM subscriber at the speed of a text message, anytime, anywhere.

Just type AMOUNT4-digit PIN and send to 2882+10 digit cellphone number of the recipient.

You can also go to the Globe Services menu in your SIM card, click on Postpaid or Prepaid Services>GCASH>Send GCASH

Please note that before you can use P2P transfer, you must load your mobile wallet with GCash first.


1) Go to a Globe Business Center

You can go to any Globe Center and request to do a GCASH cash-in transaction. You will need to fill up a GCASH Service Form, and present any valid ID to complete your transaction. Cashing in at a Globe Center is FREE!

2) Go to an accredited GCash Partner

GCASH has over 1,800 accredited partners around the Philippines. These include SM Department and Metro Gaisano Stores. Just like in a Globe Center, you will also need to fill up a GCASH Service Form and present a valid ID to complete your GCASH cash-in transaction. You may be charged a transaction fee, which may vary per partner.

You can also find the outlets near you by sending a text message. Text FIND GCASH and send to 7000.

3) Go to a Bancnet ATM

You can also convert the cash in your Bancnet account to GCASH. To convert, you just need to go to any Bancnet ATM, select the option to do a fund transfer to Asia United Bank/GCASH. You will then be asked to key-in the 11-digit number of the mobile number you wish to load. After the transaction is completed, you will receive a text confirmation.
Remember! Bancnet currently only accepts cash to GCASH conversions. You will be charged P25.00/transaction.

4) Go to the BPI Express Mobile menu on your SIM

You can also reload your GCASH wallet through the BPI Express Mobile menu on your SIM.

To load your GCASH wallet directly from your account, go to the BPI Express Mobile menu and choose GCASH Transfer then choose the Bank to GCASH option. You will be asked to enter your BPI Express Mobile 6-digit PIN and indicate the amount of cash you want to transfer to your GCASH wallet.


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