Huawei Modem Unlock Code Calculator

1. Find out your Huawei/Vodafone USB modem IMEI. It should be a 15 digit number.
Example: 12345678-9012345
2. Enter the IMEI in the box below.


Another alternative modem unlocker from dc-unlocker you can find it from here.

About the code generator

The unlock code calculator generates unlock codes for most
Huawei 3g edge/gprs mobile broadband modems.
Why unlock your Hawei modem?

With a unlocked USB modem you can use any SIM card from any operator.
Be advised that Samsung, Motorla, Sony Ericsson can not be unlocked by this calulator.
The unlock code has several names such as: NCK, Simlock code, network unlock code.


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maranthaen unai said...

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