Phonedevil Magic Screen

If you’re the type to carelessly throw your phone into your bag, a screen protector is an essential investment. Relatively inexpensive, a screen protector’s clear film fits your phone’s screen to a T, guarding it from scratch-inducing elements. Trust me, it’s heartbreaking to find a giant scratch across your brand new iPhone 3GS. I found plenty of different of screen protectors on the market, but Phonedevil’s Magic Screens are my favorite. They’re easy to apply, require no cutting, and come with a cleaning cloth and a smoothing card to prevent air bubbles.

You can pick from three different editions: Clear, Mirror, and Privacy. Mirror Edition gives your screen a mirror effect when the phone is off, and it looks quite stylish. The Privacy edition uses special 3M material to prevent unwanted onlookers from viewing your screen; the screen appears turned off if you’re not looking at it head-on—a clever concept that works very well.


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