Western Union Money Transfer to the Philippines

With the growing number of Western Union agents around the Philippines, there's no question, going through Western Union service is one of the most convenient way for a lot of Filipinos to receive money. More and more Internet Cafes, Pharmacies, Forex traders, Groceries, Post Offices, Banks and Pawnshops are becoming agents of Western Union. To receive money, one only needs to present valid identification and the MTCN (Money Transfer Control Number).

There are two ways to send money to the Philippines through Western Union. The first one is to go to your local Western Union agent, fill out the forms and receive the MTCN, which you need to pass to the recipient. The other way is through their website, from select countries, you may send money to the Philippines by charging it to your credit card.

Within minutes, the recipient in the Philippines may claim the money in Philippine Peso (local currency) though WU agents. Just make sure that the recipient's name will match his/her name in the identification card to be presented. Also, the exact MTCN needs to be provided in order to receive cash from the WU agent.

There are other companies that offer similar to services of Western Union. I will post more information on ways to send money to the Philippines in the future.


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