WiFi On Board A Bus Only In The Philippines

Friday afternoon, after a long vacation from Lucena I was told to ride the bus to Manila in front of SM Lucena which is JAC Liner. My friend have told me they’ve got WiFi on board the bus which I did not believe at first. I can’t figure out the technology used on board a bus because of its mobility. However, as soon as I saw one JAC Liner bus, a big WiFi On Board sign is posted in front as well as inside the bus.

Speedy Technology is Now On Board The Local Buses

I could not believe it, until the passenger beside me with a Blackberry Phone started using it and had a glimpse of his phone while he was surfing the net. I saw him sent an email and then started the all time online social networking, Facebook. I was stunned! Amazing, I thought.

All I can think about is that they have a very good built in WiFi thingy on board and with a very high technology HUGE router in their main location that can enable the users on board use the FREE WIFI connection. They probably have a gigantic satellite to transmit WIFI to the traveling bus wherever it goes. Unbelievably hi-tech! It just made me proud that Philippines is not going behind when it comes to technology!

Thank God, people would not need to worry if they ran out of phone credit or signal to let their family or friends know where they are or if they arrive safe to their destination using WIFI and the ever becoming popular phone in the country, android phones. All they need to do is log on to their YM using their androids and there they can let their loved ones know whatever information they want to tell them!

How Much is The Fare?

Price is affordable too. From Manila to Lucena is only Php 210 (as of October 23, 2010). They have comfortable reclining seats, air conditioning, Flat Screen TV that plays DVD movies while traveling, plus the WIFI on board feature is awesome. You will not get bored on your journey with JAC Liner providing all the needs of the passengers through high end technology and friendly drivers and conductors.


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