How to Lose Weight with Pineapple Diet

Learn how to lose weight with pineapple diet and shed the excess kilos in a healthy way. This blog will teach you how to lose weight with pineapple diet in a matter of few days. Weight loss products, books and diets are always in demand and people love to believe that there are shortcuts to weight loss.

Whether it is the herbal capsules, the popcorn diet or the magical cookies, people have always wanted an easier and a faster way of losing weight. The latest in the list is the pineapple diet. But, what makes this new pineapple fad diet stand apart from the crowd? Well, it’s simply the proven results! The pineapple diet has been scientifically proven to be connected to weight loss in a significant way. So, if you are willing to join the group of healthy pineapple dieters, let’s see what exactly does this weight loss diet demand and what is it capable of giving in return …

What makes the pineapple diet effective
  • Firstly, a slice of this tropical fruit comes laden with 40 calories but zero fat. So, you get energy but don’t gain weight.
  • Secondly, the Bromolina enzyme in pineapple not only conditions your skin and muscles but also acts as a natural defense agent against cellulite.
  • Finally, pineapple reduces bloating tendencies, making digestion easier and helps in your bowel movements.
Steps on how to lose weight with pineapple diet

Step 1: For losing weight with pineapple diet, you have to first chart out a healthy eating plan, which should cover the coming 7 to 10 days. Keep in mind that the pineapple diet is a supplemental diet and is not a diet where you have to keep living only on pineapples for weeks on end.

Step 2: All the days should have the same meal plan with 3 small meals and 2 light snacks a day. Only this time, the role of your snacks will be played by pineapple. The main objective of the pineapple diet is to include smaller meals and eat them at frequent intervals.

Step 3: Now, pick two days of your choice from a week which you will dedicate solely to the pineapples. That means, two days a week you will live on a complete pineapple diet, with no other kinds of food. All you can permit yourself to eat these two days are pineapples and all you can drink is water. However, make sure that these two days aren’t consecutive pineapple days.

Tips on how to lose weight with pineapple diet

1. Now that you have got the rules of the pineapple diet, I would like to share some exclusive tips with you to make your pineapple diet healthier, easier and more effective.

2. Make sure you are living on reasonably low fat foods and low calorie meals.

3. You can eat the fruits and vegetables of your choice and live on lean meat happily as long as the meal portions are smaller.

4. Eat adequate amount of pineapple in the form of side dishes, desserts and snacks.

5. Don’t forget to drink enough water.

6. Garden fresh pineapples are best for this diet. However, if you cannot find seasonal pineapples, then you can go for the canned versions. But, before purchasing canned pineapples remember you cannot use the ones which come with additives. Dole pineapples with sugar and syrup aren’t at all advisable for this dieting.

7. Check your weight after 7 to 10 days to see how many pounds have you lost. However, make sure not to stay on the pineapple diet permanently. For the best results, follow the pineapple diet at intervals.


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