Audible Review

I started using Audible in March 2006. Since then I have listened to over 90 audiobooks ranging from self development classics such as “Rich Dad Poor Dad” to fiction novels from the “Enders Game” series.

Much like Amazon changed the way people purchased books, Audible is changing the way people “read” books.
Over the years I have thoroughly enjoyed Audible and after recommending it to everyone from my business partner to my doctors, I realized it was time to write a through review of Audible.

Audiobooks are the Cure for the Boring Commute:

I first stumbled on Audible when a family friend recommend that I start listening to audiobooks in the car. At the time I was spending 7-10 hours driving a week. While this is fairly standard for the average American, I get bored with music pretty quick, so listening to audiobooks instead seemed like a wise move.

After some cursory research I decided Audible seemed like a logical choice. I noticed that I could put the audiobooks on my ipod shuffle and listen to it in the car.

At the time I was fortunate because my Honda Element had an auxiliary input so I could directly connect my ipod to listen to music. At the time, this was a pretty new feature but now this fairly standard and your car probably has one too.

Audible is my Mobile Mentor:

When I first started listening to audio books I was really into business and personal development books because my first business was just getting started.

Before using Audible I dreaded my commute, as I began to listen to more and more audiobooks about topics relevant to my business my commute surprisingly became one of my favorite parts of the day.

At the time I had no clue what a profound impact of listening to books such as “Rich Dad Poor Dad” and later “The Four Hour Work Week” would have on my fledgling business.

Before Audible I never saw the value in reading a ton of books, I was your standard college student who hated to read.

Several years removed I can say that the time spent on my once mundane commute, fundamentally changed how I thought and who I would become.

Few people are lucky enough to get mentored by great authors such as Robert Kiyosaki or Keith Ferrazzi, but during my commute time I felt like I was being mentored by them because I was “reading” their books.

While even to this day, I am not a huge book worm but Audible allows me to maximize my learning time when I am in the car or doing chores around the house.

In the average year I now read or listen to 12-20 books up from reading 1-2 before Audible.

Audible Pricing Plans & Features

Audible has two membership types: Gold and Platinum
  • Gold plans start at $7.49/mo and go up to $14.95/mo after three months. This is a pretty good deal. That is basically a book a month for $14.95.
  • Platinum plans are $22.95/mo and you get two books a month. This is great for commuters because 2 books is roughly 16 hours on average. This is often a good start and will keep you entertained for at least a week hopefully.
Right now Audible is running a free trial to let you try their service out. I’d definitely suggest you give them a try.


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