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To meet the needs of a business of any size, Egnyte offers three pricing plans, each offering a difference in storage, employee access, file size and more. The Group and Office plans are both designed for smaller businesses. The Office plan, for example, provides 1TB of storage space and 10 employee licenses. The Enterprise plan is designed for large organizations and offers 3TB of storage and an unlimited number of licenses.

Egnyte works by first migrating all of your data to its cloud server. This makes the sharing process between employees much simpler, particularly if you have colleagues who are local and remote. Once all of your data is transferred, you can begin to receive or send large files. Using the Office plan, you are given 1TB of storage space for all of the files and data you share among your employees and clients.

In addition to this amount of storage space, you can send an unlimited number of files and have an unlimited number of downloads per file. There is no limit to the size of file you can share, which is a great advantage to using this service. In addition, Egynte makes it possible for you choose the length of time you want the files to be available, or you can choose to eliminate any time limit and store the files indefinitely.

When your files are stored on Egnyte’s servers, you can access them in multiple ways, which is a key feature of this file sharing service. The most popular way customers access their files on Egnyte’s cloud network is by using web access. Desktop access occurs via a free application that is included with your service from Egnyte. Egnyte further provides mobile access, which lets you access your files on the go. The mobile suite supports all smartphones, including iPhones, Androids and Blackberries. The company also provides additional support for other mobile devices such as iPads.

Egnyte provides an MS Outlook plugin that integrates Egnyte into your company’s MS Outlook email client, letting you send and receive files directly in Outlook without having to open a web browser or additional software.

Corporate branding is another feature you’ll find with this file sharing site, which helps your business brand everything from the upload form on your site to the messages you send. This branding ability helps ensure everything looks as if it's coming directly from your company and not Egnyte’s cloud server. With all of its plans, you can upload your company’s logo, customize the look of your account and use your company’s mail server for notifications. Another unique branding option you’ll find is Egnyte's Custom Access URL service, which lets you map file-access URLs to your company's specific domain name.

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