MyPhone Duo T23 - Review

My|Phone T23 Duo has a dimension of (104.8) x (56) x (12.9) mm. Its not bulky nor a slim mobile phone. Nevertheless, it’s pretty handy and can be fitted on most pouches. It weights relatively light (91 grams) that makes it even portable.

Battery lasts for more than 7 hrs for if you do pure voice calls, which is already satisfying for needs of most users. The standby time lasts for about 9 days- pretty attractive too.

Its touch screen display stretches at 2.8 inches diagonally covering almost its whole body surface – also another good attraction.

When it comes to the camera, it is equipped in its rear panel. It’s supposed to be a 2 mega pixel resolution but the output images don’t seem to pass the 2.0 mega-pixel quality. The My Phone Q19i also has same issue when it comes to the camera quality. MyPhone seems not to deliver impressive job when it comes to cameras on its phones. If you care not much for a camera in a phone, then it is all well for you.

When it comes to multimedia, it capable of playing the popular media files format like mp3, mp4, etc. Additionally, it has an FM radio, Sound Recorder and Yamaha amplifier settings.

The My|Phone T23 Duo is not WIFI capable though. Its other data connectivity features include Bluetooth and USB.


The touch screen is surely its most notable highlight. Other features are what a standard mobile phone these days has. Its broad display delivers pretty good job when using applications as well as for viewing video files. By the way, you might also find its expandable memory through its MicroSD slot useful if you need more storage for media files.

There are still other relatively affordable units though, or you may want to check other available phone models to compare which will suit you best.


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