Myphone QW28 Duo Review - Features and Price

The Myphone QW28 Duo is another qwerty model from the Myphone products. It is currently one of the pricey units from Myphone. What makes it more expensive compared to their relatively budget array of mobile phones is that it's equipped with good attractions. Sold at the current price of about 6000 pesos (more or less $136), still pretty affordable, here is a summary of its features
  • Qwerty Keypad
  • Dual Sim card
  • 2.4-inch display
  • 115 X 64.5 X 12.2 mm dimension and about 103 grams
  • 3.2 mega pixel rear camera
  • WIFI connectivity! Bluethooth, USB
  • about 7 hrs battery life (talk time)
  • MP3, MP4, FM Player
  • micro SD
  • on screen shortcuts to Facebook, Twitter etc.
I like how its qwerty keypad fits elegantly on the board. You will also find enough space for your fingers when typing in its keypad. Same with Duo Myphone units, the dual sim card capability works best if you need to use more than one contact number at the same time without the hassle of having another mobile phone. The unit also comes with built buttons in the keypad to access each sim card.

On the other hand, im not quite convinced with the quality of images its 3.2 mega pixel camera delivers as compared to other brands with more or less the same resolution. A flash could have made the picture quality sounder.

So here is the main attraction- WIFI! Yes this pretty affordable mobile phone is equipped with WIFI connectivity. You will not need to worry on somewhat overpriced GPRS and 3G anymore as free WIFI connection is everywhere these days – perfect for on the go Tweeting and updating your Facebook status. Also for those who are into instant messaging you’ll find it useful. It has pre-installed Yahoo Messenger, Google Talk, Skype and other instant applications.

The cellphone also boasts its 7-hour battery life (talk time). Standby time, on the other hand, lasts for about 250 hrs! The 7 hours of talk time is pretty long for most users, so you might find the long battery life useful for internet browsing or using some of its built in apps.

The My phone qw28 is a multi media player too. It can play the standard multi media files – MP4, MP3 etc. I’m just a bit disappointed with its lack of good loud speakers. Nevertheless, you can plug in 3.5mm-jack earphones. Also, with its expandable micrSD slot, storing media files is not a problem.

Overall, this cellphone is a good trade for your money – relatively low price mobile phone with some attractive features.


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