Anna Chapman Spy Sunglasses: Spy Sunglasses that can record HD Format

Anna Chapman Spy Sunglasses is a spy sunglasses that can record video with High Definition (HD format) that is 1280 × 720p, 30 fps, AVI and also record sound and make the tapes have good quality compared to the other Spy Sunglasses are usually standard video quality.

Video lens that is used to record located in the middle of shooting glasses that can be very focused in accordance with the directions when the eyes look diffrent than similar products that put on the side. Has an internal memory of 4GB capacity allows you to recording video up to 1 hour.

Another plus is the camera using a CMOS type of lens that promises high quality results despite the video footage will be in a state of low light or night

Connection used to transfer the video from this lens to your PC using a USB 2.0 connection

Anna Chapman High Definition Spy Glasses sold forprice of U.S. $ 114.51.


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