How to Install Floating Menu Jquery In Blogspot

Jquery Floating Menu as you can see, ( Demo , click) can be installed on blogspot templates. Tutorialnya are also on show here . If seen in terms of function, these effects may partly help admin or pengungjung visiting blogs as well. Floating menu page will be in the direction of the scroll, either downwards or upwards. In the floating menu, you can put links to related or even make into the Control Panel. To see an example of the effect Floating Menu in pairs on the blogspot, click here. To install Jquery Floating Menu, follow the steps below. p / s: Please backup your template first script. Step 1 Log in blogs => Dashboard => Layout => Edit HTML. Step 2 Using the keyboard, press Ctrl and F simultaneously. Find a bar will appear. Next, type in or paste the code ]]> in space Find and then press Enter. Step 3 Copy the blue code below and paste it before or on the code ]]>

See Tutorial


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