iOS 4.3.5 Now Available

Ever since iOS’ original release with the original iPhone Apple has been quite good at releasing new updates for the mobile platform giving us more features than ever before. Some of the features that have been added with software updates include copy & paste, the App Store and much more. However, if you’ve been paying attention you’ll probably know that there are still some user gripes with the platform such as the notification system which Apple will be updating with the release of iOS 5 at some point in the not so distant future.

If, however, you are urning for an udpate you’re in luck as it was just made known today that iOS 4.3.5 is now available for download. Of course, this update won’t be bringing with it many ground breaking features at all as the only update included within the update seems to be fix for a certificate validation vulnerability.

While the average user will definitely want to grab the update those of you who are partial to jailbreaking may way to stray away as no information has been released on an untethered iOS 4.3.5 jailbreak just yet. We’ll keep you posted.


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