Proporta Leather Protective Sleeve for iPad 2 Review–One Of The Nicer Sleeves

The folks out at Proporta have sent another impressive item out to us for review, and it’s one of their new new Leather Protective Sleeves for the iPad 2. It’s a very nice sleeve, and though it doesn’t offer much more than a safe place to put your iPad 2, it will do so in a very stylish fashion.

The Leather Protective Sleeve for the iPad 2 is, pretty much, exactly what it says on the box. It’s a protective sleeve with a zippered closure, a leather exterior in your choice of black or brown, and what seems to be a flannel interior lining for extra scratchproofing and as a note (just a small note, mind you) of shock absorption.

It’s an impressive piece, no mistake there. The external leather is sumptuous and the internal flannel is a nice touch. It’s very lightweight, though I would have liked to see a belt clip or something like that. But still, for looking good carrying your iPad 2 around, you’ll find precious little better than this one.

There are some troubles here, though–as it’s a sleeve, one side of it is continually open to the various elements, so you’ll need to be careful there. And the sleeve itself is a bit on the smallish side, so you’ll have to be careful getting your tablet inside. But despite that, it’s still a very nice looking sleeve.

And if you’re interested in getting one of these for yourselves, you can get one for $47.95 out at Amazon.

The Proporta Leather Protective Sleeve for the iPad 2 is a nice choice that looks great, but it’s a little bit of a tight fit, and may be a bit too pricey for most.

The Good

Terrific exterior

Terrific interior

The Bad

A bit too slim

A bit too pricey


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