Seduction Secrets: What Men Find Sexy In Women

Men instinctively know a sexy woman when they see one, but what is it about a hot woman that oozes allure? These experts tell all about what's sexy to the male brain.

1. Dress
If you ask a man to pick out the sexiest dress on the rack, he'd probably reach for the skimpiest of the lot. Well, technically, he's right. But every woman wears a dress differently, and what looks sultry on someone else may not work well for you, or vice versa.

The secret to wowing your date? "Pick a dress that accentuates your best body parts," advises Steve Santagati, relationship expert and author of The Manual. "Whether you have a gorgeous back, incredible thighs, or lovely collarbones, stock up on designs that not only fit but also highlight those attributes."

2. Lingerie
It's a scientific fact that men are visual creatures, says April Masini, author of Think & Date Like A Man, and one way to appeal to their visual side is lingerie.

Men like just about anything when it comes to lingerie, so you literally have tons of choices. Think matching bras and undies -- whether it's lace, silk, cotton or even naughty latex. Lingerie needn't be expensive, but they should be sexy, which means those five-pack of high-waisted granny panties are banned.

3. Confidence
The thing that men (and women) find sexiest about the opposite gender is confidence, according to Shelly Hagen, author of The Everything Body Language Book. And this confident quality has nothing to do with beauty or looks.

You've probably come across a woman with only-average looks at a party, but men love her anyway: She's engaging, stands tall, smiles, laughs and makes eye contact when she speaks to others. "She's not doing anything outrageous or even out of the ordinary; what she is doing is showing a genuine interest in the people around her and welcoming people into her world," explains Hagen.

4. Hair
A woman's hair is one of the sexiest female assets from a male perspective. And it doesn't matter whether you wear it straight or wavy, casually tousled or perfectly blown-dry -- men love your hair, and they love it long. "Socially, your hair is a cue that tells men about who you are," explains April Masini, author of Think & Date Like A Man.

"Long locks tell the world that you're a sensual woman," adds Masini, that you take care of your hair because sensuality and looking sexy is important to you.

5. High heels
Men's attraction to stiletto heels is undeniable, but heels are more about what a woman looks like in them than about the shoes themselves:

"Wearing high heels pitches a woman's body forward, lifts her buttocks 25 percent, arches her back, makes her breasts stand at attention, elongates her calves, and causes her hips to sway seductively when she walks," explains Susan Reynolds, author of Change Your Shoes, Change Your Life.


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