Dates and Walnut Cupcakes

These are two of the cupcakes using the latest date and walnut cupcakes recipes. I have topped these off with a combination of butter cream made with half unsalted butter and half icing or confectioners sugar. I mixed it with a fork and then I could spread it with a knife or put it into a piping bag to have a little more control and go for some decorative designs.

I also recommend that you add a teaspoon of syrup from a jar of stem ginger to the butter cream. This may be too sweet for some tastes along with butter cream.

I suggest the cupcake could be topped with creme fraiche or natural yogurt and some syrup added to these . It would be far less sweet and more suitable for those watching their sugar and fat intake. 

I finished off the date and walnut cupcakes with slices of dates, stem ginger pieces and walnuts. This went well with the texture of the cupcakes and thanks for reading my blog.


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