Dates and Walnut Cupcakes Recipe

One of my favourite cupcake combinations is date and walnut. I was looking through all my really old recipes that I have been collecting forever and decided to make this recipe for cupcakes. It is adapted from a couple of recipes from the 70's. The result are cupcakes full of dates and walnut pieces with a sort of sweet and moist texture from the syrup and the butter. It is like a Parkin or Gingerbread cupcake method.


4 cups of plain flour
1 cup sugar(white but you could try brown)
1 cup of milk
1 cup of golden syrup
2 ozs butter
3 teaspoons of baking powder
1 teaspoon of bicarbonate of soda
1 egg beaten
2 cups of walnut pieces
2 cups of chopped stone free dates


1. Melt the syrup, butter and milk together in a pan gently and do not boil.
2. Mix the dry ingredients together in a bowl and add the beaten egg. Mix together.
3. Add the liquid from the pan to the dry ingredients and mix well together
4. Fill the cupcake cases from 1/2 to 3/4 full
5. Bake at gas 4 to 5,175--185C, 350--375F for 15 to 20 minutes.

Place at the top part of the oven for a gas oven. DO NOT OPEN THE OVEN FOR 15 MINUTES. The cupcakes are done when the tops are firm to touch and a wooden cocktail stick comes out clean from the centre of a cupcake. This is the time for muffin size cupcakes. The smaller cases will be quicker, I would think 10 to 12 minutes. Some of this does depend on your oven and where you put the cupcakes in the oven. I think each oven has its own temperament!


These cupcakes can just be served plain for those who do not like butter cream.
They could have butter cream on top and then half walnuts.

Another idea is to mix some butter cream and add some stem ginger syrup to the butter cream and then top off the cupcakes with a piece of date , walnut and stem ginger.


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