How to Slim Without Exercise and Healthy Eating

For some people, eating healthy and exercising seem like a daunting task so difficult to do so. But there are some simple habits that can help keep your weight in order not to overweight even though you do not like exercise and healthy eating.

Regular exercise and changing diet to healthy foods is the best way to maintain an ideal weight freedom or lose weight. But not everyone can do that.

Here are some simple habits you can do to lose weight or maintain ideal body weight for people who do not like to exercise and eat healthy, as reported by LIVESTRONG on Saturday (08/19/2011):

  1. Do not leave the breakfast - According to the Mayo Clinic, skipping breakfast causes your body to store more fat and make people more likely to overeat in the middle of the day because he felt so hungry. Get used to store less fat breakfast and give energy to become more active throughout the day.
  2. Reducing portion size and eat slowly - If you still want to enjoy favorite foods, then cut back the portions and eat slowly at each meal. Chewing food slowly will make you have the time to the stomach sends a signal to the brain indicating satiety. This will help reduce overall calorie intake, no matter what kind of food you eat.
  3. Making your own food - According to the BBC, processed foods and fast food are much higher fat content, sugar and sodium (salt) than non-processed foods. Try making your own food you love with a lower sugar content, fat and salt. By making your own food slowly you start trying to reduce fat, sugar and salt.
  4. Develop an active lifestyle - You do not have to spend hours in the gym and the treadmill for exercise. Try to run fast when you go to the mall to shop. Play an energetic game with a pet dog or going to play to the beach can also burn calories. Find a club with music that you like and go dancing. Choose activities that you really like, that will make you involuntarily can burn calories.


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