Natural Nail Tips

Nails play an important role in beauty hands, but with concern for the nails is not always an easy task. We have here are some easy tips complied with to help you keep your nails and skin healthy and good for the future.

You can apply these tips and tricks to get those perfectly shaped nails healthy.
  • Take the time to grow your nails.
  • You must stop biting nails.
  • You must use nail hardener to protect them from dividing and peeling.
  • Vitamin supplements (e) To maintain the growth of many long nights and strong.
  • You have to look little of the rules of the nails with a wide oval shape.
  • Pastels and neutrals go the distance from the nails and is round.
  • Dark shade of nail polish looks better on the short term, squared nails.
  • Nail bed appears stronger with the narrow square-shaped soft.
  • You must create the lighter side of bold add drops of dark, rich cream and a bottle of clear polish and shake.
  • Polish store in a warm place may change its consistency. Shades to keep the nail in the refrigerator or in the closet bathroom.
  • Make sure the enamel is thin enough to flow evenly and smoothly. If the enamel is too thick, you must add 2 or 3 drops of weight, and hours before use.
  • Make sure to clean the tops of bottles and replace caps tightly after the completion of the application.
  • You must avoid the application of nail enamel under the fan.
  • You must apply 3 coats of nail enamel crystal and 2 coats of enamel matte nail to finish perfect.
  • Nails short and wide look more slender if you leave a narrow line on each side of the nail is polished
  • While the choice of length, we must bear in mind that artificial nails "grow" your nails to natural. Even if you plan to get fill every 2-3 weeks, and will become your nails too long in the meantime. It is therefore proposed to go for the slightly shorter period than is desirable.
  • You should not use acetone nail polish remover, because this will eat your nails. Thus, always use non-acetone instead.
  • If you start raising nails, fixed them on the spot. Raise the nails are highly susceptible to fungal growth if not taken care right away.
  • Do not cut the skin or deter them. Do so will only lead to fueling the nail fold, causing it to crack and weaken nails.
  • You should not use any tool is difficult to clean under the nails. But the use of soap and nail brush for that.
  • You must apply moisturizer to your nails every night to reduce evaporation of water.


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