Is Anne Curtis wearing an underwear on her “Black Widow" black cut-out see-through dress?

Anne Curtis' confirmed via her twitter account that she is wearing a C String

The designers gave the answer behind the abduction noteworthy gown worn by Anne in the 1st Philippine Fashion Ball held recently, the puzzles if I wear underwear good actress.

In an interview with Aubrey Carampel showbiz reporter, said that famous designer Rajo Laurel "Black Widow" is in black cut-out see-through dress worn by Anne.

Such a style is inspired by spider and also wearing a stylist Pam Quinones in such a fashion event.

Rajo was happy because many applauded his masterpiece and was counseled not even on the Internet.

"It became a viral sensation. Coz' I was surprised as well ... if you look at her, she is really really wrapped... long sleeves, turtle neck but only have little pocket of skin, "explains Rajo in Chika Minute of GMA News 24 Oras on Friday.

In such designs, notably the private parts just a body of Anne covered. Thus, others are puzzled if the actress is wearing undies?

"Sure," said Rojo. "There is available seamless underwear that can be buy, that is hidden." - FRJimenez, Daily News


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Its called the "C-String", check out the article on this on my blog at

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