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Maya clubbing . There's only one reception desk, without the officer on guard in a simple room lighted dimly lit. Midweek in late January, when the night is still young, living an entertainment site in the central city of Bandung was warmed by several ushers dressed in sexy that are available to take guests to the storefront comfort women. That night the world secuplik Bandung, which gelegaknya continues to beat until the early hours, and every day anyway.

This is where the nightlife Flower City market, which provides entertainment for male desire. The guests, of course men, the women peered through the window Nako. The women who dress up as beautiful and as sexy as possible it was ready to "charge" if number is chosen and called the receptionist.

While rake in the hands of the guests, she was quick to find the concierge room, or more aptly named the booth. The extent of only 2 x 2 meters below the bathroom in it. Plywood walls were painted yellow, in harmony with the lights dim, the only light in there, which is also yellow. There is only one simple mattress, and a table at the end of the room, plus a mirror.

In the room what it is that's spinning nightly transaction. Ris, call it such, is one of the women in the home entertainment. "I had six months here. Has included senior, because the others were only a few weeks, "said a woman from 36-year-old Cirebon.

Once serviced, continued Ris, guests free of Rp 250,000. The cost for booth rental and services of the entertainer. Ris objection mention how many dollars he obtained it from Rp 250,000. To be sure, other than getting money from the official fee, he often receives tips from guests who are satisfied with the service. Value, varies between Rp 100,000 to Rp 300,000, depending on the mercy of the guest.

In addition to the space mirror "window dressing" it, is also a simple cafe that could serve as an arena deal. In the cafe that also dim, the man who came, immediately greeted women who are ready to accompany drinking. The conversation of what happens during a drink? Can go anywhere. Including, could end up with compliance rates, and all finished in the mini-booth.

This entertainment center with no frills, does she massage parlors, spas, or karaoke. "If you call a massage parlor, did indeed here do not offer massages," Ris said. All activities at the center of the entertainment ended at 02.00 am, and starts at 12.00. When starting the middle of the day, said Ris, only one or two entertainers are on guard. "Understandably, here more and more crowded night," he added.

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Another version of the nightlife in Bandung, just as well as in Jakarta, plus a karaoke arena. The word "plus" here refers to the term woman guides the song, commonly abbreviated as PL. Again, in a place like this karaoke plus, guests who come only men. That's not because of all the guide tracks are women. Most guests come in groups, three to five people.

Heri J, a private employee in Bandung, for example, when it comes to karaoke plus "B" in the Jalan Soekarno-Hatta, Bandung, together with two colleagues. "Previously had never once come here, so this is the second. Yes, just to relieve stress after weeks of work. Naturally not, "said the bespectacled man.

Similar to the entertainment arena in downtown that has been alluded to in advance, karaoke arena also provides "aquarium" OT immediately offered to be our guests. "Now this is coming is just a little. But everything is top quality, "said a man kenes promoting the eight women in the room's wide glass. After each choose a guide track, they went into the karaoke room, followed by guides who have been selected.

Exchanging cell phone numbers between the guide tracks with guests, was used. At least that is manifested Vire, one of the guide tracks in karaoke arena "B." "If it fits and enjoy with the guests, we can only see appointments after the karaoke room. Anything can happen," said Vire, who just turned 26 years old, and already a widow status.

Everyday stories of a guide track is also disclosed Ativ. "Two nights in a row I was drunk, because many guests, and they open the bottle as well. Eh, now drunk again, "said Ativ, pouring drinks alcohol content nearly 40 percent of the guests glasses. "If you want to drink, emang his pass at me. Guaranteed fun deh, "which is also the promise of women in their 20s that year.

Ativ and his friends not only had the opportunity to drink the same drink with the guests. He is free to order anything without the consent of guests. Usually, they ordered a pack of cigarettes and mineral water. Later, later, add more. The guests also can only sign a bill without knowing the order Ativ cost estimates. In addition, they can also sing their own song choices.

With PL honorarium set at Rp 240,000.00 per person, guests can reach into koceknya entourage of up to Rp 2 million more to sing with PL for 3 hours. Just count the usual price is offered and drinks served at the center of karaoke "B." For example, two Chivas package worth Rp 900,000, which after plus tax and service fee of Rp 180,000, to Rp 1,080,000.00. A pitcher of Coca Cola? Prepare Rp 226,000.

Along with the night wore on, the conversation warmed up. Various rolled recognition, both from guests and OT. Ativ, for example, was telling how he was sad to remember the destruction of the ideals of childhood. "Since childhood, my goal is actually to be a doctor. Even today it still harbored the dream. So, after my brother received in the Faculty of Medicine, I am the spirit of finance. My mother and my sister did not know I work here, "he said while wiping the tears that suddenly roll down her cheeks.

At Lunch

What if during the day? There's just entertainment. One form of exclusive service in a massage parlor. Tariffs? Not very expensive. For a standard room, or the cheapest for example, simply Rp 150,000. If you're lucky, you can get discounted price of Rp 50,000. There are two classes of the more expensive rooms, the deluxe and VIP. Both rooms are "isolated", not lined as standard rooms, which allows can hear conversations next door.

Standard room was only 4 x 1 meter with a fairly private setting, such as the lights dim and the curtains closed. After waiting a few moments in bed massage, masseuse girl will come. Wearing a mini skirt and tight blouse, she will introduce herself in a soft voice plus spoiled, before massaging the whole body.

As told by Tin, not her real name, massagers from Sukabumi age 25 years have not been stepped on. He worked at the massage parlor was a three-month exclusive, concurrent with the opening of the orphanage. "I've been to inform you that the job here," said Tin.

Once trained, Tin also work to serve the guests parlors. "It's good is not good anyway," said Tin a shoulder-length hair. Yummy, if the guests want to talk to, so while he was massaging, being bored. Which makes it lazy, sleeping soundly when his guests only. If that happens, Tin will be saturated, as long as she massaged, it took a total of 90 minutes, he would only hear the snoring of the guests.

Bandung, the air cool and is known to have a lot of tourism assets, ranging from nature tourism, science, shopping, and cuisine, also rely on the entertainment areas to boost local revenues. Department of Revenue (Revenue) of Bandung mengklasifikan entertainment area with 15 categories, among others, include cinemas, discos, karaoke, night clubs, massage parlors, swimming pools, and incidental art (including music concerts).

According to the Secretary of Revenue Bandung, Hendar, the realization of revenues from the entertainment business in 2010, exceeding the target. "At first, the acceptance of entertainment in 2010 we are targeting Rp 25 billion. But the realization is reached Rp 25.32 billion. Hence the 2011 target raised to Rp 30 billion, "said Hendar.

Interestingly, among the few entertainment centers whose income exceeds the target, two of which are karaoke and massage parlors. Karaoke targeted to attract Rp 7.9 billion, was reached Rp 8.4 billion. While the massage parlors, the initial target of Rp 2.2 billion, will receive Rp 2.3 billion. It Bandung, man. Cities with tourists continued to arrive, and they obviously want to keep entertained.

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