"Solar Islands" in South Korea - Saudi Arabia

With solar energy electrifies two islands, one artificial in South Korea and a natural in Saudi Arabia, showing the way forward in the use of Renewable Energy. In the capital of South Korea Seoul, thousands of people attended the inauguration of the artificial, floating island Viva River Han.

The island Viva is an impressive structure which includes a conference center with a capacity 700 seats, restaurants and shops are powered by solar energy. The Viva is the first of the three islands to sail the waters of the Han River which runs through Seoul. The difference from the artificial islands of Dubai is that it is floating and therefore in case of overflow water instead covered will remain on the surface.

The three-floor, total area 3250 square meters Viva, covered 54 square meters of solar cells with a daily output of 6 kilowatts of electricity. Across the Asian continent, the electricity company of Saudi Arabia, Saudi Aramco and Showa Shell Sekiyu develop a solar farm power 15 megawatts on the island Dustpans Red Sea.

Investing in solar units from Saudi Energy and other oil-producing Gulf countries is part of the recently applied to political exploitation of renewable energy to meet local needs and save the rich deposits of "black gold" for export and support for industrial production.

Source: econews.gr


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