Clay Park in China!

A unique cultural park made ​​entirely of clay has opened its doors recently for streets filled with merchants, and trolleys (carts) to, the park is a reproduction of Zhang Zerui the famous painting Riverside during the festival of Qingming. The man behind this unique project is a native of the city Fengrun, named Qin Shiping.

The Tangshan engaged in pottery and worked as a sculptor and painter since that was a young boy. In 2005, he had the idea to create this unique construction in China, and because he was always a fan of painting of Zhang Zherui, decided to recreate the images depicted in the work of the artist with sculptures from clay.

The Qin Shiping began to rise in 2008. He hired two experts in clay sculpture with enough experience behind them, and 100 workers and began to work. Three years later, the park sculpture Tangshan has finally completed and opened to the public. It is 300 meters long and 60 meters wide and has a built in 2/3 scale natural size. The exact cost of the park has not yet made ​​public, but in 2009, the Qin Shiping said it had already invested over 10 million yuan ($ 1,545,000).

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