A Stunning Way To Pick Tea Leaves

Tea Leaf Pickers Required To Be Virgins and Have C-Cup Breasts

The special “tea willow basket” tool used by the C-cup virgin tea pickers revealed 

April 19th, the Henan province Gushi county West Jiuhua Shan scenic area revealed the specialized collection tool “tea willow basket” that its tea-leaf pickers use when picking Kou Chun Cha [literally, "Mouth Lip Tea"]. This tool is made from Xinyang’s famous weaved willow wood and is placed between the breasts during use, to receive the tender tea leaves that the female tea-leaf picker plucks with her mouth. Previously, the information published in the local recruitment ad for tea-leaf picking girls required that the girls have C-cup breasts and be virgins as well. After this information was released, it was reposted on various major discussion forums and caused a great deal of discussion.

via chinews


Jewel Clicks said...

OMG! That's unique and has to be C-Cup breasts? high qualification. Thanks for sharing this interesting topic.


farjah said...

You said it right jewels, absolutely yes it must be a C-Cup Breast this is the interesting part here. Aside from that the girl must be virgin take note. Well I can be hired by this company because I have the criteria. Lol!

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