Virgin Tea special

If you are on vacation to China do not forget to try the tea virgin. In addition to plucking with a unique way, using the lips, this tea is plucked the girls who have a minimum of bra cup size C.

By the uniqueness of the grapes, this tea offers a high artistic value.

As reported by the Daily Mail after they are picked with the lips, the tea leaves from the lush mountains in the region Gushi, Henan Province was put into the mouth. Only then placed in small baskets that are located on the sidelines of their chest called Chaliuqing.

The process of picking tea leaves is based on legends that live in China. Legend said, the tea leaves must be plucked some fairies with their mouths. When boiling water is poured to brew the tea, then the fairies will evaporate into the sky.

To preserve this legend, tea companies in China employ beautiful girls for a fee of £ 50 or equivalent to Rp700 thousand per day.

Girls tea picker must meet several criteria. In addition to having a minimum C bra size, they must still virgin and no scars on his body. These criteria are believed to increase the freshness and purity of the tea.

According to the company Lip Tea, tea pickers are very stringent recruitment. Companies looking for a girl the most clean, powerful, and sacred as the key to the success of tea production.

They should be cleaned up before starting work. They should also get special training to train her lips and neck. “This is work that much harder than it looks,” said Li Yong, a spokesman for pekerbunan Jiuhua, the plucking of tea.

Tea company claims that this unique tea has a refreshing aroma and flavor, and can cure several diseases, including helping you lose weight.

Several centuries ago, the Chinese tea seller innovate by storing the tea in between the breasts 16-year-old girl. They let the tea stored there for the girls slept. The next day, the tea will have the aroma of virgin are efficacious for the health and welfare.


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