Blue Jazz Resort

A summer vacation is fun, especially when you and your co-workers planned to have a get away fun time in the beach. Somebody organized our schedule in going to some of the beautiful resorts located in Island Garden City of Samal, the Blue Jazz Resort. We enjoyed the facilities of the resort. They have delicious food served into an affordable price, and the swimming pool that catches my attention, which is designed and located beautiful in my sight fronting the ocean.

Exploring Blue Jazz resort in the Philippines, you should visit first to the most peaceful city in the Philippines, Davao City. After reaching Davao city, you can ride a taxi or a jeepney bound from Ecoland Bus Terminal to Sasa Wharf or from Airport to Sasa Wharf. After reaching to the place of origin for clients going to Blue Jazz Resort in Sasa wharf, a big pump boat with at least 20 passengers on board will bring passengers to the resort, or you can also go directly to the ferryboat, if you have a car, you can also bring it directly near to the resort.


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