Street Child Singer in Pampanga

Courtesy of YouTube

Named as "Arjohn" the street child singer in Clark Pampanga. Many of them said that he is an "Aeta", a native in Pampanga. He is currently the next Filipino youtube sensation because of his amazing voice. He can sing well the new songs of different multi awarded singing artists like Justin Bieber, Ne-yo, and many. He can sing with correct diction of the songs and of course, he is in the tune of his song. His purpose of singing in the street is to sells flutes to the customers for his living. He can play the flute in a way, and managed do beat box as well.

Right now, Charice Pempengco, the pinay youtube sensation, invited him to guest for her upcoming concert event here in Philippines. I am looking forward to watch him singing with charice, and I am hoping that someone could help him enhance and learn more to develop his skills in singing, for him to achieve his goals in life and become a more better person.


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