Catalina Robayo No Undies ?

Photo Catalina Robayo not wearing panties /underwear or picture Catalina Robayo no panties is a splashy events that characterize the 60th Miss Universe in 2011.

Suddenly the name Catalina Robayo as Miss Universe 2011 contestants from Colombia became famous, not because the winner of Miss Universe 2011, but because of behavior that is dressed in splashy but Catalina Robayo not wearing panties, and it was recorded by a photographer who caught the media Robayo action while sitting wrapped in orange mini dress.

Shots from the photographer who produced photo Catalina Robayo without underwear is a hot topic in a number of media outlets around the world, both the print media like magazines and newspapers, as well as electronic media such as television and websites on the internet.

Photo Catalina Robayo not wearing panties is clearly inviting protests from some quarters and the Miss Universe officials, as well as by the judges and observers Miss Universe. Miss Universe Foundation president, Paula Shugart, limp when he heard the news from one of his team. “There are plenty of women draped mini dress at the center of attention, but when I saw photo Catalina Robayo no panties on the front page of the newspaper, I was surprised.”


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