World's Largest Crocodile Captured alive in Philippines becomes Internet Sensation

Agusan del Sur, Philippines Updated: Giant Crocodile captured in the Agusan del Sur, Philippines lit-up the online world as it becomes instant internet sensation. The Yahoo article via Associated Press break loose with stats of hefty 140,000 Facebook recommends and 4,197 Tweets sure enough makes the gigantic crocodile an internet celebrity.

The giant male crocodile capture is said to be the lagest salt water crocodile in the world boasting 2,370 pounds (1,075 kilograms) weight with length of 21-foot (6.4-meter).

According to Guinness World Records website, the largest croc listed in captivity is a 5.48-meter (18-foot) male crocodile which lives at an Australian nature park. Although there were reports of a 6.2-meter(20.3-foot) male crocodile that was killed in Papua New Guinea in 1982. With that said the Philippine specimen would easily surpass the largest captive saltwater crocodile

Bunawan town Mayor Edwin Cox Elorde led about 100 people had to pull the crocodile from the creek lifted by a crane into the truck. After months of setting failed traps, the elusive croc finally give in when hunters used sturdier traps using steel cables that finally caught the enormous reptile late Saturday. The town was finally relieved on the capture of the huge animal that where the suspect of missing water buffaloes and even one farmer last August.

Now its time of the people in the village to cash in the big catch as the Mayor plans to build an ecotourism park which cast the giant croc as the main attraction. "It will be the biggest star of the park," Mayor Elorde said, adding that villagers were happy that they would be able to turn the dangerous crocodile "from a threat into an asset."

Social Media bantering on giant croc:

The Philippine giant croc can't escape the bantering from people on the web, one comment says,' "The headline SHOULD read: Crocodile creates 100 jobs, White House embarrassed." Just few lines.

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