Gecko peeking Drying Process in Probolinggo

Probolinggo - Who does not know the gecko Probolinggo. In fact, sales from Probolinggo geckos became one of the commodities exported, to Japan, Taiwan, Singapore, China, and several countries in Southeast Asia. No wonder, if the craftsmen geckos can reap a profit of up to tens of millions of dollars.

One craftsman geckos, Sugiyanto (38), origin Tegalsiwalan Village, District Tegalsiwalan, Probolinggo said, if in any month could result in some 3,000 dried geckos. "turnover every month on average to 3000 gecko," he said when met detiksurabaya. com at his home on Saturday (08/05/2010).

Gecko, he can from the sellers who nyetor him. "The seller was already there. They nyetor here for Rp 1,600 to Rp 1750 per-tails with a length of 13 cm to 30 cm," the story Sugiyanto. Gecko life is then split in two. Then allowed to stand in pengopenan tool for day and night.

Before diopen, a dead gecko split into two then clamped with a wire clamp. "All the contents in the stomach gecko discarded. So stay his course," he explained. After the gecko's body to dry, then sold for Rp 3,500 and Rp 4,000 a pair. "So we sell a pair, not perekor again," he added. He told the local craftsmen's gecko menyetornya to one of his collectors are also located in Probolinggo. After that, jerky gecko (dry, red) was marketed outside negeri.

To become a craftsman gecko, Sugiyanto must issue a capital of Rp 20 million. "The larger the capital that we spend, the greater the turnover that we can," he said. Hunting Areas Out Until Gecko gecko hunting animals on average are derived from the villagers Tegalsiwalan, District Tegalsiwalan, Probolinggo district.

Gecko hunting for local residents, as has become a livelihood for his family. "They hunt geckos even out the area, like Madura, Banyuwangi, Jember, and so forth," said Sugiyanto. Poachers gecko, he said, has been funded by the craftsmen or employers' own geckos. They were sent out to do the hunting area. "They're gone delivered, so the prey can be picked up many of them return," he said. (BDH / BDH)



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