Why Gecko the price so high?

Gecko, reptiles whose voices often appear in the home, garden, building, or even the forest was now the price is more expensive. Four-footed gecko-like lizard was more frequently found in the house and is now more readily available in the market for various purposes.

What makes geckos expensive? It was not because of her voice that often sounds unexpectedly and repeatedly over a period, but rather on the content of the gecko itself, which is automatic to use it must be slaughtered or turned off.

Gecko or lizard big latin named Gekko gecko known in some places as different, for example tekek or gecko, (Java), tokok (Sunda), and Tokay gecko or tucktoo (UK).

Gecko has a large nodule on his back with a different color and this is one of the distinguishing features when compared with a small lizard. Color varies from bluish gray to brownish in color, with flecks of brick red to orange.

The color of the gecko belly whitish blue-gray or yellowish and the tail also has six rows nodule mottled. On the toes are suction pads so he could stick on walls or trees.

Geckos are expensive and sought-after because it is said to cure people with HIV or AIDS. Deadly disease that attacks the body's immune system and there is no medical cure that is able to handle it. Therefore, a traditional herb of geckos believed to be the most efficacious ingredients to it.

Part tongue geckos and their blood is rumored to contain a substance that can fight the HIV virus. Gecko has a property that is the gecko weigh more than 3 ounces and alive.

In addition to the tongue, gall gecko reportedly also efficacious for the treatment of people suffering from AIDS. Here's news that makes people have to buy an expensive price in order to save his life.

Part bile geckos also contain anti-tumor compounds and cancer so that it can boost immunity.

As for since the days of our fathers, as a whole gecko meat can cure various diseases itch. Many people testified that itchy skin disease can be cured with a gecko baked or fried.

Prices vary depending gecko weight and age of the gecko itself. Location geckos have special sales in some areas, such as Jakarta, Batam, Banjarmasin, Makassar, Pontianak, Surabaya, and Solo as well as other cities.

In Jatinegara Market, Jakarta, there is also a livestock market that provides a variety of wildlife, and rare ones, with cheap prices.

Price gecko weighing less than 1.5 ounces still in the range of Rp 200,000. However, when it is large, about 2 ounces, and is old, then the price could reach USD 5 million.

If luck, then the seller can remove the gecko weighing more than 3 ounces or 4 ounces at a price of Rp 100 million. The price will be more expensive if it reaches one kilogram and buyers purchased directly from Korea, China, or Malaysia. The price could be more than Rp 200 million.

Giant gecko ever found in the interior of Borneo has a weight of up to 64 pounds and sold for Rp 179 billion, were bought by Korean businessmen through the people of Malaysia.

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