No Permit, No Exam, Philippines School Policy

When I was in College, It is common to every our school that if a student has no permit, then it will automatically denied taking the examination. The purpose of the school is to let their students pay their unpaid fees on that term so that they will be given a permit to take the examination.

There are instances also that the school will have their permit even if they do not pay their balance due, if a student should write a promissory note to the in-charge.

Right now, the Congress of Republic of the Philippines approves bill banning exam permits in schools. The above issue will no longer acceptable after the resolution of the bill passed to the senate and after being decided and approved, and then it will be passed to President Aquino for final passage into law.

With this bill, students can have their examination even without the permit provided; they should pay their balances before the end of the semester. The school can hold on to their papers and cannot be accepted the admission for the next semester, if they will not pay their fees.

The students, who are having difficulties in their financial fees in school, can find a part time job that can help them earn to provide their assistance in tuition fees. There are many part time job offers in the any places. The only hindrance in accepting the job is when a student is still not in the age limit to work. With this problem, there is another option that a student earns part time; it is through part time business. In part time business, the student can manage in his own time to earn and free to manage his earnings to cope into his financial problems in school.

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