Are You Into LUUUX?

From Luuux Website:

What is LUUUX?

Luuux is a community where you add information on the latest trends and cutting edge ideas which you can share with your friends.

We share back our revenues with our users. By being active on Luuux you will earn Luuux$ which you can spend in our store or give away to your favorite charity.

How do I get started in LUUUX?

Easy! Just sign up and start earning Luuux$ for everything you do on the site. The sign up process is simple. We’ll need your name, email address and a password and that’s it, but the more info you put into your profile the more Luuux$ you earn.

You earn Luuux$ every time you add, comment or rate content. The better the community says your content is, the more Luuux$ you earn. The more Luuux$ you have, the more you can buy or donate!

All in all, Luuux is a blogging community that gives you cash credits for the posting of content and interaction you make with other bloggers.


Luuux allows bloggers to reach a larger audience than to create an individual blog on a domain itself. There may be 10-100 people viewing your posts depending on your popularity. I get around 10-20 comments each posts and I have absolutely no popularity at all. So it is definitely a better option to get your work known there rather creating a blog from scratch using a domain like Wordpress or blogspot.

With the Luuux dollars, bloggers can purchase expensive products on the site and do not have to spend a single cent. I heard that even shipping fee can be deducted from the Luuux points so I am pretty impressed by how the system works.

The luxurious products motivate the bloggers to create more content, interact with others and help spread the word of Luuux website.


The pictures taken with my camera have to be resized to around 500px for them to be uploaded. The usual resolutions of my photos are around 1000px so it is a hassle to have to keep resizing them if I want to post them up.

Photos have to be uploaded one by one. This is so troublesome and will discourage bloggers like myself to keep posting more pictures. Even with blogging sites such as Wordpress and Blogger, multiple pictures can be chosen together and then automatically uploaded one by one. To have to select, upload, select and then upload again and again is a huge downside for bloggers.

The speed on the site is quite slow. I find that I have to wait much longer for Luuux to load rather than any ordinary blogging domain or community. I do know that it is because of increasing popularity and traffic but IMO, fast processing speed is essential for higher efficiency.

If you have absolutely no name or popularity on the internet, a nobody like me, then you will have lower chances of your posts getting more comments (you get a $ for each comment) and more likes. People with higher popularity such as YouTube Gurus or famous beauty bloggers can earn 10 times the amount you are earning from a post as they get tons of comments, and referral points. Therefore to garner enough points to check out your first purchase is extremely difficult.

Since there is no limit to how long your posts are, I find that many people take advantage of this to post extremely short posts with one picture (from the internet) and 4 to 5 lines of words. I’m not saying this is unfair because it’s the content that is important but I do feel disappointed when I see bloggers like that.


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