Fall Make-Up Trend

There are four different make up looks this season.

The first trend is based on the 1960s, yet it has been altered to suit the present day make up trends. The 1960s make up trends are: basic, simple colors, exaggerated lashes, Cat eye lining, and with a tint of gloss deviating from the well-known 'twiggy' look. The main point is to make your coverage very light and soft looking, and then add a bit of clear gloss as a highlighter.

The second look is known as 'Disco Tech'. The key point in this look is the dramatic dark smokey eye and glamorous lips. The lips must be emphasized to the point where it seems too extreme by using vibrant pigments or glosses.

The third look is known as 'Tough Love'. This look is a boyish make up look. This look takes out blush and mascara and only emphasizes the depth of the cheek bone by using a bronzer. This look is similar to a no make up look that looks effortless.

The fourth make up look is 'Amber Girls'. This is a soft edge makeup with pigments that are sandy colors. It is applied as if you can almost see the skin beneath the color. This is a present day city girl look that is easy to follow. The color of the lips are also toned down to match the color of your eye shadow. To really rock this look, make it seem as if you've only done half of your makeup giving it a unfinished look giving it a smudgy look. For this look I would suggest using your fingers instead of your make up brushes.


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