New Brushes! from Review

So I have been blogging on this website called Luuux. Its really great to get info out as well as learn about things really fast. One of the bonuses of the site is that you get luuux bucks and you can then go and buy things in the shop. The better the item the more luuux you'll spend but some of the items are really worth it.

I just made my first purchase on luuux and I got the make-up brush set that luuux made not to long ago. I paid 4320 for my brushes and that includes shipping. I recieved an email stating it would take 3-10 weeks to get my package depending on supplies/type of product. Cosmetics tend to take a really long time. I got mine in 3-4 weeks. I can't remember for sure but it was a really short time. This is what it looked like when I took it out of the shipping box:

As you can see its a brush roll. This is something that i have been wanting for a while now. Then when you open it up it looks like this:

I love the protective flap. This will really help keep my brushes in better condition for a lot longer. There is also a zipper pocket on the left hand side that is really large.

Then when you open it up you can see all of the brushes that comes in this:

The first brush is a large fluffy face brush.

One of the brushes I was really looking forward to trying is the stippling brush. I was really disappointed that this is the only brush that I have used in this set that sheds like no other so that has ruled it out as a foundation brush. I do use this for blush and it is awsome in appling the blush were I want and then buffing it out to blend it in will my foundation making it look even more like a natural flush.

Next is a small face brush. I'm really loving all of the face brushes. This brush I use for more percise face product application mainly in the conturing and highlightling area. I have petite everything so for me this the perfect brush to apply my highlight and contour easily.

The next brush is another that I was looking forward to. This is the large fluffy blending brush. I have the ecotools eye travel kit and this type of brush is included but I wanted a bigger one as far as the handle goes for more control. I really love this brush.

The next brush I wish I could trade out... I have a really good foundation brush from Estee Lauder. So this bush is not necessary for me. I would have loved to get another lip brush, blending brush, or small face brush.

Then there is a concealer brush. This brush is really large in my peronal opinion, but I can still use this because i do photo shoot and not all of the models are petite. So there is hope for this brush.

Next is a dense shadow shader brush. It does exactly like the name says. I like to use this to pack on shadows to really give you a great color pay off.

Then are FLUFFY pencil brush. YES! i love this brush it really helps in smudging and defusing liner, or smudge on a bit of color under the eye.

Now this is an angled flat brush. This is something I use to apply liner or do liner in a wet shadow. A basic in any collection.

This next brush is probably my most disliked brush in the whole set. This brush is so stiff as well as it tends to stab the delicate skin of my eye. This is another I wish I could trade off.

This brush is a large shadow brush for applying all over color. I really can't think of more to describe this brush its a basic brush that everyone should have/use for make-up application.

Next is one brush I need a lot of, I feel anyways. I normally apply my lipstick straight from the tube to my lips and this is not sanitary. I may have dry lips one day and the dry skin could stick the the bullet. Plus I have a few color that I love in small amounts and appling it from the tube tends to apply way to much color to my lips. The best part of this brush is that it comes with a metal cover so when I use this brush I don't have to worry about lipstick getting on my brush roll.

And finally this is a picture of the Luuux symbol.

One thing I really would recommend is washing these before you use for the first time. When I got them I did a haul video and I saw powder fly from the brushes when I wiped them across my fingers to feel them.

Other than that these are really good brushes and are serving me well.


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