China Glaze - Knotty

Okay so when I first got a look at China Glaze's Anchors Away collection, I fell in love with all the beautiful colors. I picked a few up, and Knotty was one of them. I have been wanting a variety of nudes, and this polish seemed to kind of fit that bill so I thought I would give it a try. Its a tanish kind of sand colored nude, there isn't any peachy tones or anything (so, honestly its not really the right kind of nude for my skin tone) but it sure is pretty.

It has white colored kind of flecks in it which makes it stand out from any other nude I have seen, and that gives it an almost pearly shine on. This polish is somewhat sheer, in this photo I have on three coats, with one coat it almost seems like it would be pretty over something else. Its definitely have a unique polish to my collection, and Im happy I picked it up!

What do you think?


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