Premature Ejaculation Even Hit The Eve

A study showed not only the Adam who experience premature ejaculation, the weather also was affected by sexual problems.

Reported Healthnews, research conducted in Portugal Hospital Magalhaes Lemos called as many as 40 percent of 510 respondents Portugal women suffer from erectile dysfunction. As much as 3 percent of them have reached a critical stage.

This study focused on filling questionnaires distributed to women aged between 18 years to 45 years. The respondents generally experience premature ejaculation is often claimed.

"Premature ejaculation is more relevant to women because of boredom, but we think this issue as serious as that faced by men impotent," said Serafim Carvalho, head of the research.

A participant expressed his feelings when you experience premature ejaculation during intercourse with their partner.

"The first time orgasm, I felt uncomfortable for melanjutinya. My mood changed," said respondents.


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