Where to Get Hair Extensions

Want to make drastic changes to your styles or do you simply wish to spruce them up a bit? If that is the case, do you know the how and the where? Sometimes we want to make certain changes to our styles but we are at a loss at where to find the specific tools. With hair extensions it is the same. If you know your styles require hair extensions to gain added length, volume and texture, where are you going to find these hair extensions.

Of course, first of all you need to determine your specific styling needs. For example, do you need the extensions for a wedding or a fancy dress party? If the answer is ‘wedding' then you're going to have to look for top quality human hair extensions. If the answer instead is ‘fancy dress party' then you might be better off with synthetic hair extensions (and so will your wallet!). Just make sure to get mixed up and choose synthetic extensions for the wedding and natural ones for the party.

What is the difference between synthetic and real human hair extensions? Though you might not think this important when discussing where to buy hair extensions, it makes the difference in the end results and some places may stock up on synthetic extensions but not human hair ones, and vice versa.

With synthetic hair extensions you get artificial hair, and a lot less styling freedom. You can dye them, heat style them or treat them in the same way as your own hair, and they won't create a very natural result. These you can generally find in most beauty supply stores or discount beauty stores. You can often get the full head set of synthetic hair extensions at around $20-$25. These can be washed of course, but not as often as real hair.

If you're looking for human hair extensions, you must be prepared to spend more on them. You can find them at different places depending on the type of hair extensions you want. With human hair ones, you can get them at most beauty stores along with the adhesive and a shampoo designed for dissolving the glue when you want to detach the hair.

Of course, you can find a lot of hair extensions online, especially clip-in ones, which are a lot more convenient and easy to use.


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