Low Cost Airline, Air Asia urged to improve quality and diversify food meals sold to passengers in the air because of their negligence in causing food quality control system that is served stale food and endanger passengers.

Passengers traveling on Air Asia flight AK6026 from Georgetown Airport, WA at 9:05 pm yesterday, Sarina Abdul Ganih contact once landed at Low Cost Airport (LCCT) Terminal 2, Kota Kinabalu at 12:08 in the morning to inform his complaint.

"I ordered Sweet and Sour Vegetarian Rice from the stewardess. After feeding a few tablespoons of my musty smell. I call the stewardess, but she said the smell was so sweet and sour. But I am not satisfied and called him the kiss of rice. Finally he admits is out of date and inviting me to switch to other foods," said Sarina, who expressed regret that poor quality control system of food poisoning caused him to almost if not the regurgitation of stale rice.

According to Sarina, the experience of eating rice casserole looks beautiful on it cause he was tired to order food that is served in the near future unless Air Asia to assure quality of food provided at par with the price.

Sarina suggested that Air Asia chose a menu that is gravy, or ensure that the rice is served wrapped before the flight and do not let it overnight because of the potential is large due to stale food preparation environment that may be contaminated.

"I hope this is not repeated and that Air Asia can allow passengers to bring their own food if it fails to upgrade the food quality control system," said Sarina, who had to use Air Asia to go to Kota Kinabalu as there is business to be solved immediately.

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