Malay Supremacy vs. Bajau Supremacy


If the Malays are 'warm-hot chicken shit' the story 'Malay Supremacy vs. the People Supremacy' in defense of the rights and privileges of the Malays, what about the story of 'Supremacy Bajau' which actually did not have any special rights and position in the sight of the Federal Constitution?

Inherent Malay supremacy Malay Rulers and the Malays is the root of the formation of Malayan history centered on the Malay Sultanate at that time. Current changes during the development of socialization brings tunes political arena of the Malays in Peninsular Malaysia until the Sultan of Johor, said the correct definition of 'Malay supremacy' is actually 'Malay sovereignty'.

Sultan Ibrahim Sultan Iskandar when opening publisher Multaqa scholars at Persada Johor International Convention Centre on December 9, 2010 said:
When the British granted independence to this country, they were originally handed to his master namely Tanah Melayu Kings Malays and people. Beginning before the arrival of the British and before the arrival of ubiquitous nations to this country, has a form of master of the land namely Malay Rajas and its people. Since it used to be, when the country has not made ​​the Guild Malay, Malay Kings and its people accept outsiders as guests and give them space to find sustenance and wake with the Malay Land. If already a Communion, the rights of others continue to be maintained and respected and guaranteed institutionalization.
Nevertheless, the State as the state has no Sultan or King, but the sovereign rights and the various indigenous communities in the ultimate guarantee of the Federal Constitution, but is unfortunate because of the confusion of who is 'Mr. Real' in Sabah as not explicitly stated in the supreme law of the State.

When the Malay community was rushed to dispute the 'Malay supremacy', Sabah Bajau communities are not left to fight for their rights and privileges for centuries without end, but only a chimera, and continues to be a servant to foreign immigrants, including the Kadazan Dusun who regard themselves as 'Lord' without the sovereign; whereas before their arrival, the Bajau community have long resided in the state.

The fate of Sabah Bajau community like 'Board Rejek' in the native country of their ancestors because they had no value, the status-quo and identity because not only did not get recognition in the Constitution, but a 'Community squatters' who branded the community that is synonymous with the term "Hardcore Poor" over the centuries in Sabah, while the treasures of the sea Bajau is not depleted even restored a million descendants!

I am impressed with Clause 160 of the Federal Constitution under clause interpretation, in line with of the Interpretation and General Clauses, 1948 states that;
Malay means a person who professes the religion of Islam, habitually speaks the Malay language, according to Malay custom and born before Merdeka Day, in the Federation or in Singapore, or the mother or father was born in the Federation or Singapore, or Independence Day, it is domiciled in the Federation or in Singapore or is a descendent of one of these.
In the meantime, Clause 161A (6) (b) of the Constitution which is the core of the National Government, the special position of indigenous states of Sabah and Sarawak, native is defined as;
About Sabah, a citizen and is the son or grandson of a person from an indigenous people of Sabah and was born (whether or not on or after Malaysia Day (August 31, 1957) in Sabah or his father, at the time of birth, is domiciled in the state.
Instead the 161A, 7 explain that;
The people who would be deemed to be indigenous to Sarawak for the purposes of the definition of 'natives' in Clause (6) is Bukitan, Bisayahs, Dusun, Sea Dayaks, Land Dayaks, Kadayan, Kalabit, Kayan, Kenyah (including Sabup and Sipeng) , Georgetown (including Sekapan, Kejaman, Lehanan, Punan, the Cape and Kanowit), Lugat, Lisum, Malay, Melano, Murut, Penan, Sian, Tagal, and Ukit year journey.
However, Clause 160, confound interpretation seems to have dropped out of the hollow heart of all Members of Parliament of Malaysia for the purpose of 'Federal' in the interpretation of the Federal Constitution is the "Federation established under the Federation of Malaya Agreement, 1957."

So, how about the states of Sabah and Sarawak? Too beratkah to Members of Parliament to make a motion to amend the Constitution before a new generation of 'Community Bajau' disobeyed 'Malay sovereignty' as Sabah and Sarawak was like 'washed hands' to the 'Malaya' administered 'Sultans and Malay Rulers'?

Bersetujukah you, if I think Sabah Bajau community is the 'Malays' as appropriate in the interpretation of the Constitution says so?

Sabah Bajau Community accordingly also 'Compulsory' have special rights and position of which was interpreted as 'Malay sovereignty' Malaya for Muslim Bajau, Malay custom and practice born before independence in Sabah (Federal).

An interesting point to be studied is the claim that Hang Tuah five brothers is 'Warrior Bajau' to stay in the Maritime and great browser. If Hang Tuah of the Bajau community, then keramatnya words, 'No Malay Lost World' refers to 'not Bajau lost world'

(NOTE: Evolving ideas based on the authors of the Federal Constitution is not to insult the Malay rulers, but to claim legal rights according to law no party took the opportunity to make Bajau as "chili PASTE" in the political scene. The view is not necessarily the views of this blog).


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