Apple microUSB adapter

Apple recently released a microUSB adapter in their UK store to comply with the European Union standards for smartphone chargers. According to the 2009 standard, all data-enabled phone sold in the EU must use a charger that outputs 5V at 500mA and a cable that terminates in a micro USB plug.

As we all know, the iPhone uses a proprietary 30-pin Dock connector. We all thought that Apple will either not comply with the EU regulation or remove the 30-pin Dock connector. But interestingly, the standards actually allow manufacturers to include micro USB adapter in order to comply with the standard. So here we have, a microUSB adapter by Apple.

I know, there’s most likely a lot of 3rd party adapters out there in the market already. But this is THE official adapter from Apple. It looks sleek and comes with a sleeker £8.00 price tag.

Strangely, Apple didn’t include the microUSB adapter (and a microUSB cable) in the iPhone 4S sold in UK. I would thought they need to do that in order to comply with the standard.

The Apple microUSB adapter is currently not available outside Europe.


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