Cheap Bajau, Anger Suluk.


In spite of the Bajau people are the majority in Sabah, the largest ethnic group does not have charisma and absolute power to determine the direction and political halacara Sabah.

Their leadership qualities as His Excellency the State President, the Chief Minister and Political Leader failed to brand the Bajau as a complete package of the underlying cause of nationalism and more focused on a narrow parochial (provincial).

Welstenchauung Bajau voters as a result become 'Refugee' (passenger) and 'young Politics' used by certain leaders to achieve a political agenda; do to curb the influence of composition of the group in order to be operated solely and without prejudice.

Of fanaticism and devotion to the leader of the party causing the Bajau abstinence until they are easily snared rebel with the rank of the influence of money and awards; until they deviate from the agenda of nationalism.

Accordingly, in Sociology, this practice is known as 'Pensuasanaan' discovered by Ivan Pavlov in 1902. In the results of research showed that if he ring the bell and at the same time, food was given to a dog, the dog will produce saliva in the mouth.

Thus the sound of the bell alone was capable of causing the dog slobber even if no food is given. Saliva when food is not much to learn as it is driven by instinct or natural action of the dog. However, saliva production during the bell sounded is something learned by the dog.

It is very surprising that the 'feel' (bad habits) this dog was accompanied by the Bajau because when she heard the 'loceng' (bell) from the office of Assemblyman or Parliament so they continued to raid because they believe there are 'ole-ole' provided by the leaders, even just sejadah (mat), RM10 or a pack of rice!

The old family relationship exists between Sabah Bajau with Bajau Filipino make them more tolerant of the Philippines 'Tidak Apa' (No What) and justify their presence part of zakat those from the Philippines; obtain identity cards and take their rights as Branch Chief and registered voters.

Rights eroded little by little eventually did away with that now political power backed Bajau 'Fixed Deposit' generated by the PATI who receive citizenship until they have inverted 'power and charisma' in the country's political arena.

Bajau who lost power and influence of the deficit became a political refugee by joining the splinter parties who sell stale saliva without pampatan legislative and bureaucratic power.

Slip resistance is undermining the spirit of nationalism politics so they are easily broken Bajau, ruled and occupied by minority groups and continue to be excluded in any field; as if the Bajau are newcomers in the arena of politics and socio-economic development in Sabah.

Arrival UMNO cause Bajau increasingly fragmented, even if they try to put 'all eggs in one basket' because not all members of the USNO who are members of the cause of Tun Mustapha fanatics can receive the UMNO who had drowned ark USNO in the South China Sea.

There are also leaders 'tray thousand faces', supposedly fighting to defend the rights of the Bajau, but in fact they are willing to sell their dignity and the future of ethnic Bajau just to get the project and use the money to buy the loyalty of the project and decrease the standard of political integrity and identity.

A corollary Bajau now is like Pak Kaduk (Mr. Kaduk), wins cheers but compromised the homes of minorities, and if continued their fate will be like the Israeli-controlled Palestinian people.

In the meantime, ethnic Suluk (a Bajau tribe in Malaysia originally and born in Sulu now the Jolo or the socalled 'people of  current'), which is famous for its identity 'Magsabil' and acknowledged as heir to the Sultanate of Sulu and Sabah claim their rights based on the Ultimate Cession Money is still paid by the Government of Malaysia is getting angry because labeled as one of the poorest ethnic of Malaysia.

Issues of poverty exposed by the World Bank Human Development Sector (East Asia and Pacific Region), Emmanuel Jiminez when presenting reports Malaysia Economic Monitor (MEM) which recently announced that ethnic Suluk and other ethnic groups such as the Rungus and Orang Sugai (river people) form the majority of Malaysia's poorest state.

What a shame those who claimed to be the Sultan of Sulu and using political agitation to cover their lies when there is no 'Rumahbicara' (House Talk) that can verify the real Sultan of Sulu and the scenario is considered to be defects in international politics because they were citizens of the Philippines and not the people of Sulu State, the adoration for this.

It was unfortunate, racial Suluk that had been calling themselves the great and have immunity because it can strike anyone at will, even police officers and law enforcement; not unlike the crowing of a rooster, but tail patter filled with wax.

Although many politicians Suluk but they refused to acknowledge as descent Suluk but rather as 'Bajau' because they are considered more civilized than Suluk associated with the Sultanate of False and be hot-tempered.

Hopefully, all the NGOs as the place to take shelter Bajau ethnic and family back real struggle to empower them to reclaim the dignity of the direnjis with political filth; such as perkasanya Industrial Co. and the Indian Muslim Council (MICC) for the rights of their members than United Sabah Bajau Organization (USBO), SAMA and so are still asleep with the dance!

(NOTE: The writer is a student majoring in Social Science from the ethnic Bajau, Sabah. Opinion writers do not necessarily reflect the views of this blog)


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