Comcast Cable Offers Convenient Mix of Entertainment and Telecommunications

By Sarah James

Until recently the majority of users would have associated Comcast’s name with cable TV supply and nothing else. Which is no longer the case – Comcast is now providing full service for high speed internet and digital telephony as well.

Comcast internet plans provide broadband, an extremely high speed service that can reach as high as 8 MBps – that’s almost four times as fast as a standard DSL connection. The speed of the Comcast connection is due to its PowerBoost technology, and to the mixture of fibre optic and regular cabling that the company has installed over the years.

Fibre Optic technology, you may or may not know, is capable of delivering signals with no distortion or loss of clarity and strength. The cables themselves are made of glass fibres, which refract the signal without weakening it. Try putting a light bulb at the end of a length of glass cable and you will see the effect for yourself – the end of the cable is as bright as the bulb.

The fibre optic cables ensure that Comcast internet plans can deliver the kinds of speeds that have previously been unheard of in the home internet world. That means unlimited use of as many devices as your house can handle – and still everyone gets super high speeds with no loss of signal or sudden stutters in the speed of your data download.

The cabling also provides the source for Comcast’s digital TV supply, and for the digital telephone supply that goes along with it. When you opt for the Triple Play package you get to align all the services so that you can control your Call Waiting and Caller ID (for example) from your TV screen – and segment your favourite digital TV streams using Comcast’s unique web applications.

Broadband works as much as 100 times faster than a dial up connection – so for anyone still lagging behind the times to the extent that they’ve still got an actual modem, get ready to discover a whole new world. Indeed, Comcast internet plans are aimed at a lower price band than most broadband, so if it’s cost that has been keeping you on the lanes and byways rather than the information superhighway, you might find that this is a good time to make the switch.

Talking of which, a little bird tells me that Comcast is providing cheap connectivity to customers whose financial status makes it impossible for them to book in for a “normal” internet connection plan, or even to own computer hardware. The company has rolled out its Internet Essential Program, which gives internet for a small monthly charge to families with at least one child receiving free school meals. These families are also given a voucher for a cheap computer, to ensure they can make the most of their new internet connection.

Comcast internet plans also offer child friendly controls, special sites that have been developed to bring games and information to your children without exposing them to the web unfettered – and you have the option of adding a firewall to protect your own security and identity.

Combined with advanced phone systems and a TV service that gives you the choice of more than 250 high definition channels, it’s little wonder that Comcast’s star continues to rise.


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