Unlock the ZTE MF627 broadband dongle for free

Well it turns out that you can unlock the dongle - a ZTE MF627 - for free.

Basically it involves reflashing the broadband modem - which although it sounds scary is actually straightforward if lengthy process (took around 20 minutes).

First off - plug in your modem and install all of the drivers.

Remove the SIM card and then plug back into a USB port on your computer.

Then download the firmware upgrade


and also the instructions:


And for a connection manager I've been using this one:


NB: You may need to uninstall any existing connection manager before installing this.

Finally there's a massive list of APN settings arranged by country and operator:


Please note that updating the firmware in your ZTE MF627 involves some risk -including bricking the dongle - particularly if you don't follow the instructions to the letter. The firmware installer specifically mentions Vista as having potential problems.


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