Farewell, Steve!

It is not easy to lose an idol, a person who is a reference for you, for wanting to be different, challenging the impossible. In my life, had lost two idols. A childhood, Ayrton Senna, who when he died, I cried like I lost a relative. Yesterday I lost the second, reference work, the guy I wanted to be when you grow up: Steve Jobs. By this I no longer cried. But it is inevitable to be in tears at the thought that never again I'll be waiting for him at an Apple keynote, eager for news that would make me speechless.

I'm a fan and admirer of Steve, although not Macfag. Although he was not a sweet person, she had a magnetism and charisma unparalleled in the IT world. Jobs could be loved or hated, but not ignored, was not part of your profile. He left a deep mark in our day to day, changing the way we use computers, listen to music and use mobile devices. Even you, who uses Windows, Android or xingling was also affected by his genius.

If I were to tell everything he did, it would be a long post, I confess, I am not to do. I prefer to treat more as a farewell post, sorrow to think that we will go through a winter of great innovation. No one is born every year Steve Jobs. We will take many years searching for someone who resembles him, a new Steve. But hardly live to see another genius, a master in the art of creating and making all that we wanted to create.

In addition to the legacy of technology, Steve Jobs leaves us is the message that we should pursue what we want, believe in themselves and seeking to put our best in everything we do. Leave a mark on the world, do something that makes a difference in people's lives. He is gone, but left several marks, which will make for many, many years, remember him fondly, lamenting the fact be gone so soon.

God willing, one day I'll be old lady telling my grandchildren that I had the honor of living in the time of Steve Jobs, one of the great names of history. And probably with the same twinkle in his eye that always accompanies me when I say it.


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