Line Cinema 3D LG TV

The LG has recently launched its new line of TVs, 3D Cinema . The name is due to technology, which is the same leading 3D cinema market, and is called passive 3D . Unlike Active 3D technology that uses a battery an internal processor in your glasses, LG Cinema 3D glasses is ultrathin, lightweight, minimalist design. Thanks to technology applied in desenvolvimentodestes glasses, the flicker effect - the common flicker on the screen, which varies with the speed at which the TV image exchange - is eliminated.

The model 3D LED TV LG 47 "Full HD SmartTV , for example, has a filter called Patterned Retarder Film , which improves the separation of images for the left and right eyes, to then be combined by passive polarized glasses. This technology, in addition to increasing the definition of the 3D effect of depth, completely eliminates the infamous ghosting.

In 3D TV assets is common to lose the effect of depth in qualquerposição than immediately in front of the TV. Already in the LG TV Cinema3D the effects of depth of the images are not lost at angles up to 45, resulting in better use of room space, ie, the whole family having fun!

In addition, you have access to exclusive programming through the use SmartTV , wireless Internet access and the ability to sync with the TV and BluRay outrosaparelhos, Receiver, etc., through the Wireless Box AV, a receiver box that synchronises the equipment to the TV, without the need for wires.


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